Best Opthamologist in San Diego

Best Opthamologist in San DiegoTaking proper care of your vision is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to decide which eye care professional is right for your vision needs. An opthamologist is a medical doctor that is licensed to not only provide complete optical care, they are also able to preform surgery. Unlike opticians and optometrists, an opthamologist in San Diego, is able to provide complete eye care including treating eye diseases, prescribing glasses and contacts, along with being able to preform delicate and precise eye surgeries. Unlike other eye care providers, an opthamolgist has not only completed 4 years of college, they have also complete eight years of medical school along with passing a difficult board examination. This combination of training is what gives opthamologists the unique ability to treat a wide range of optical problems.

Services Provided by Opthamologist San Diego
An opthamologist San Diego provides a wide range of eye care services including treating and diagnosing glaucoma, chemical burns, and iritis. Other services include compete eye exams, and fittings for glasses and contacts. Since an opthamologist also has received a medical degree, they are also able to perform delicate eye surgeries that can correct such problems as cataracts, crossed eyes, and injuries caused by trauma. A opthamologist can also help to treat and diagnose eye conditions that are also caused by disease or even family genetics. Diabetes, AIDS, and even arthritis can all cause problems with vision, and a opthamologist in San Diego is well qualified to accurately diagnose and treat any problem or condition that may be affecting your eye sight. An opthamologist is even qualified to preform certain plastic surgery procedures including correcting dropping eyelids and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Finding the Best Opthamologist in San Diego
For anyone luck enough to live in the this area, there are plenty of board certified and practicing opthamologists to choose from. SD is home to several innovative and comprehensive eye care programs, each designed to provide cutting edge technology and care for patients suffering from a wide range of vision problems. With an opthamologist in San Diego, patients will not only receive award winning care, they will also benefit from the clinical trials and outreach programs that are a large part of the San Diego eye care medical community. These studies are strictly monitored and follow all of the standard federal guidelines, making it possible for opthamologists in this area to provide a level of care that can not be found anywhere else in the United States. To contact us, please go to the top of the page to call or fill out a contact form!


Opthamologist San Diego

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